Monday, June 1, 2009

The Official PRDA Website

After many years of arduous and sometimes heated negotions with the Polish Government (who think they own the rights to anything Polish), the American Government (who think they own the rights to anything "Racing"), the NRA (who think they own the rights to anything "Association"), Car and Driver Magazine (that whole "Drivers" thing), and a small organization in California that thinks they own the word "Of", a settlement has finally been reached and the Polish Racing Drivers Association will now have an official webpage! Stay tuned as we get this site up and running!


  1. Greetings fellow PRDA followers and those who wish to be involved with the PRDA Polish Racing Drivers of America.. one way or another, this is your opportunity to be heard, as we beckon into the 21st Century with meaningful reckless abandon. Since the inception of the PRDA in 1970, it still remains infamous with its notorious Cannon Ball Run with the PRDA World Record Holder van. Yes there really are some great Polish Racing Drivers out there, one of the top F1 racers today is Robert Kubica. Of course as one of the two VP 's of the PRDA, I am still racing today in vintage racing with my ole RIAM sponsored 1969 Gurney Eagle F 5000 car

  2. Some racers are pretty narrow; they are enthused with one or two types of motor contest. I've been very lucky. For sixty one years I have played with all forms of racing with various degrees of success as driver, designer, builder, engineer, team manager, program manager and best of all positions chief stoog, in all types of motor contests, and still going. It's been a great and very rewarding life. I'd like to do it again.
    keep the shiny side up,
    Ronnie Kaplan

  3. Thanks Ronnie, without a doubt you were one of the original PRDA member,before the PRDA began.
    Without your Team Manager generosity in 1968, our Milestone Racing Trans Am U-2 Porsche would not have won the Championship for Porsche. You made it possible to allow our Porsche to test with your AMC Javelin race team. It was a win win situation for myself as a driver and for the team. Your Javelin team benefited from our corner times, improving your overall lap times.