Monday, June 29, 2009

Conquest Racing - Polish LFS Racing Team

Conquest Racing was established in May 2008 by Foqs, Kamo, Makao, LONT, qstomeq and ziomm. Foqs hit on idea of Polish team, which would participate in top leagues in late April 2008, when he wanted badly to take part in IGTC, but he couldn't find anyone to race with him. So he recruited a couple of people to his secret project and in two weeks he starded work on Conquest Racing.

Kamo took up hosting matters (thanks to him we've got S2 host and TeamSpeak server), Makao made the website, which is currently in second version, and together they made our forum. Jotemi in blistering pace painted our skinpack. As they've done everything, after two weeks of hard work the team was ready to be announced. We didn't have to wait for long to drive in first seriouns event. The debut was made in round 4 of IGTC 2008 season by the team which has been formed only a month before. The result wasn't satisfying because of engine problems during the race. But we were pleased to finish our first endurance race ever. In the end, after five rounds, we took 17th in final result. That was a ticket to MoE - the most prestigious LFS competition. In half a year we managed to achieve our goals we intended.

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