Monday, June 1, 2009

Greetings again fellow PRDA enthusiasts,
The PRDA would not have happened without first the idea, after my 1969 Continental Championship F 5000 Eagle, I thought it was time to present my idea to Oscar Koveleski. Oscar was the President of Auto World , the largest mail order model car and race car accessory company in the country. I knew Oscar and Auto World had ability to reach out to the masses with is established business. I had sent a drawing of what I thought was a reasonable version of the PRDA logo. Oscar contacted his friend Brad Niemcek, who was the PR director for Johnson's Wax, the major sponsor for the Can Am series. Between Oscar and Brad, the art work was finalized and the initial introduction of the PRDA began with the exclusive ground rules for membership and Brad' s carefully prepared PRDA newsletter. Unanimously , Oscar was declared the President with Brad and myself as dual back up Vice Presidents. You have to ask yourself, Why 2 Vice Presidents ? Well we never said the PRDA was an efficient organization, Oscar being the PR whirlwind and race driver , his schedule always kept him busy. It took 2 VP's to follow up on his escapades. The rest is pretty much history as the PRDA became the most sought after membership in the history of motor racing. Tongue and cheek humor was the order of the day, however never to defame the great Polish people. Tony Adamowicz, VP of the PRDA

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