Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Dean of American Motorsports

Chris Econimaki, born October 15, 1920, will be celebrating his 89th birthday this month. Christopher "Chris" Constantine Economaki, better know as Chris Economaki, started his career in journalism at the age of 13 by selling the National Speed Sport News, and at the age of 14 was writing articles for the National Auto Racing News. In 1950, Chris became the editor for the National Speed Sport News.

He later became an announcer at race tracks, and became notable for his coverage of race events on ABC Wide World of Sports, covering numerous races from Indy 500 to the Daytona 500 and Le Mans.

Chris managed to compete in one race himself. Oscar interviews Chris about that one and only race. You can read about it HERE.

Happy birthday, Chris, from the PRDA, and auto racing enthusiasts everywhere!

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  1. Got this eMail from Oscar:

    Oct 15.....I phoned Chris, sang happy birthday! He said you have a nice voice, who the heck is this. I said, Oscar Koveleski, who the heck do you think it is!....He said Thanks. I said how old are you. He said 98- no wait I'm 89! I continued with a few words like have a great day, thank's for all your efforts..... he interupped and said, I'll see you at Pocno and hung up.......that's Chris......