Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ford Mustang Goes NASCAR


NASCAR's Nationwide series will be getting a new look starting in 2010, as family cars move over for muscle.

The Roush Fenway racing Ford Mustang is the first of the new breed of racer that will debut in four races next year, before running full-time in 2011. Based on the 'Car of Tomorrow' used in NASCAR's top-level Sprint Cup series, the Mustang will eventually replace the Ford Fusions used today.

In an effort to further differentiate the two racing series, NASCAR is pushing for automakers to swap the four-door sedan profiles currently used in Nationwide, for sportier two-door coupes. Along with Ford, Dodge is expected to unveil a Challenger-based car in the near future. Chevrolet and Toyota will be sticking with the Impala and Camry, respectively...for now.

The Roush Fenway Con-way Freight Mustang will be driven by 21 year-old Colin Braun, who is moving up to Nationwide from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

[Editor's Note] Call it what you want... A new nose on the Ford Fusion does not a Mustang make. Looking at the car, if you take away the Mustang nose, it is still the same car they called the "Car of Tomorrow". When I first heard this story I was very excited, with flashbacks to the old Trans Am racing days. When I saw the actual picture of the car, a saying came to mind that I think fits: "No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd." Don't make me bring up the lipstick on a pig cliche'. This is my personal opinion, and not necessarily that of the PRDA. ~ Alleydude.


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  1. NASCAR just doesn't HAVE to cater to the educated racing fan. It has millions of koolade drinking, stockcar worshiping, good ole boys an gals that couldn't tell a pig from a mule if you dressed up a pig in a pig costume. Come on...these are the people that think there are 4 different makes of cars running out there that if you took off the headlight and bumper decals couldn't tell them apart. So...Hell yeah that's a Mustang! And Ford is happy to buy into this farce. Bring back the real Trans Am, the real Can-Am, and real Stock Car racing that used production based cars like you could walk into the showrooms and touch. Where "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" still meant something.